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Helpful Real Estate Links for Calgary & Edmonton Residents

Top Quality Inspections & Consulting provides inspection services and education to buyers, sellers, homeowners and real estate agents around Calgary and Edmonton. Please take some time to read through the following recommended articles to learn more about home inspections, home safety issues, environmental concerns, and other related topics. We’ve also listed some additional contact information for those local professionals whose services we are familiar with.

Buyer / Seller Articles

Homeowner Articles

Realtor Links

Top Quality Inspections Inc. is pleased to feature the following Realtors:

Serge Bourgoin - Remax
Bus: 780-488-4000
Cell: 780-995-6520
Website: www.findmyhouse.ca

Kate Cosentino - Remax Elite
Bus: 780-487-4847
Cell: 780-904-5612

Vanessa Peltier - Century 21 & Vantage Realty
Bus: 780-483-2122
Cell: 780-910-0645

Erin Willman - ReMax
Bus: 780-458-8300
Cell: 780-221-5801
Website: www.erinwillman.com

Brian Maschio - Buyer Agent, Brian & Company Real Estate

Bus: 780-476-2851

Brian Napier - PROrealty
Bus: 780-886-9210

Website: www.NAPIER.ca

Chris Oram - Best Step Real Estate Services Ltd.
Bus: 780-460-0058
Cell: 780-298-5800
E-mail: chrisoram22@hotmail.com

Madeline Sarafinchan
Jayman Realty(Edm)
Bus: 780-481-6666
Website: www.jayman.com

Amina Sai
Remax Elite
Bus: 780-905-5566

Stephanie Hewitt
Bus: 780-406-4000
Cell: 780-850-4722
Website: www.findmyhouse.ca

► Please check back often to view new featured Real Estate Agents.

Lending Links

Top Quality Inspections Inc. is pleased to feature the following Mortgage Lenders:

Shaddy Estephan - Broker/Owner
Dominion Lending Centres
Bus: 780-406-8759
Cell: 780-984-6784
E-mail: sestephan@dominionlending.ca
Website: https://dominionlending.ca/

Zana Devic, Mortgage Associate
Dominion Lending Centres
Bus: 780-974-6014

Website: https://dominionlending.ca/

Rob Mamchur - Mobile Mortgage Specialist
ATB Financial
Cell: 780-940-1118
E-mail: mamchur@atb.com

► Please check back often to view new featured Mortgage Lenders.

Lawyer Links

Top Quality Inspections Inc. is pleased to feature the following Law Offices:

Kathy Briere / Renee Short
Venture Law Group LLP
Bus: 780-450-2929
Website: http://venturelaw.ab.ca/

Marlene Goodhelpsen
Kiriak Law Office
Bus: 780-944-1778
Cell: 780-233-4398

David W. Batchelor
Kolthammer Batchelor & Laidlaw LLP
Bus: 780-489-5003

Randall Osgood – Meikle Osgood LLP
Barristers and Solicitors
Bus: 780-454-7111
Email: rosgood@meiklelaw.ca                                           Website: http://www.meiklelaw.ca/

► Please check back often to view new featured Law Offices.

Partners Links

Top Quality Inspections Inc. is pleased to feature the following Partners:

Ken Armstrong
Armstrong Environmental
Bus: 780-938-4441
Website: www.armstrongenvironmental.ca

James Rorke
Platinum Environmental Services
Website: www.platinuminc.ca

Tony Muscat
Inch by Inch Inspections
Website: www.inchbyinchinspections.com
Inch by Inch Healthy Homes
Website: www.gtamouldinspections.com

Lloyd Kenzle
C4U Inspections
Website: www.c4uinspections.ca

Chris Bargy
Vortek Construction Ltd.
Bus: 780-982-0182
Website: http://www.vortek.ca/

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